A rare find products, limited edition and cannot be restocked. This star collector is a one in a million item that you will not come across anywhere else. Its uniqueness in bringing those shooting stars that you can now collect and carry with you under your ears. Are you a star? This earrings will make you shine bright like one.


The story behind the Stars Collector Earrings

Back in 2014, I was strolling down the hidden street aisle of Chinatown in Thailand. An old man approached me with these sets of earrings, convincing me to keep them. Of course, this was a bit skeptical but I took them in anyways. After a lot of interest in the products from my friends and family, I was hesitated to give or sell them because I couldn't find these anywhere else. A few days later I went back to find this old man but he was no where to be found. 


Many years later, I've never mentioned or list these earrings anywhere as they had stories. But now I am ready for other people to keep these unique earrings and have their stories too.


Only 2 left in stocks per color

Stars Collector Earrings