A Sustainable Way to Enjoy Bubble Tea


Strawmate Collaboration

We know how much you love bubble tea so we wanted to embrace your happy moments by creating a fun bingo game to share your love for boba. For 3 months, we are partnering up with Strawmate, a Canadian based local business to provide you a value pack with resuable boba straw and DIY boba kit. While you enjoy your boba, let’s also help save the planet! It’s a win-win.

Founded by My and Meli, the sister duo from Canada, Strawmate vision is to be a platform for encouraging small steps towards living sustainably. Strawmates is all about contributing to the wellness of our planet, whether it be a small leap or a big leap. They beileve that the bubble tea and smoothie experience can be enjoyed without harming the environment! Thus, eco-friendly straw was born!


Charity and Donation

For every value pack bought, we will be donating 5% to a plastic charity called Plastic Ocean Charity. We created a Bingo game to get you contributing to boba sustainability by posting on social media and tag us. Create a bingo row of matching boba drink to our sweater and we will donate extra 5% to the charity.


Track Our Donation

In collaboration with our partner Strawmate, our charity boba bingo campaign is global and we want to show that to you! Track our progress here on our donation.